Oracle Report June 13, 2018 – New Moon in Gemini

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 – New Moon in Gemini – “Building Strength”

The New Moon at 23 Gemini enters at 3:43 pm ET/7:43 pm UT.  Let’s break it down:

1 – BUILDING STRENGTH – The theme for this solar-lunar month is “building strength,” with the New Moon occurring at 23 Gemini, “three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.”  A fledgling is a young bird (owl?) that is developing wing feathers that are large enough for flight.

This is what we are doing this month: building strength to fly — to be free, independent, and wise.

The task is likely to be arduous at times because at the time of the New Moon we also have…

2 – THE SPREAD OF DIFFICULT INFORMATION with MERCURY SQUARE URANUS while Uranus is in close conjunction with the Chiron Point (a critical degree of the zodiac that encapsulates wounding, healing, and teaching – see audio recording on the Chiron Point and the Bridge to the Age of Aquarius at  Operation Broken Heart and the arrest of over 2,000 pedophiles is the first example of the month.  The difficult information builds our strength as we are…

3 – WEATHERING STORMS of various kinds – emotional, physical, global, etc.  Mercury is discharging “an Arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons.”  This tells us to tread carefully and slowly all month.  We want to have sure footing, so it will be important to remain grounded.  We remain grounded by aligning with a Higher Power, with nature, and with loved ones.

If times become tough for you, go outside.  Take a walk.  Observe the signs of the natural world and reset your compass.

(Will we see more information coming out about what is going on in AnARCTICa?  Are claims being staked there?)

4- THE PROGRESS OF SECOND RENAISSANCE comes with a combination of several planets’ energetics:

Venus is discharging “a daughter of the American Revolution,” breaking down restrictions and what is unjust.

Mars and the South Node (which rules the past) are discharging “a flag is seen turning into an eagle.”  Rebirth is implied.  Things from the past return to be transformed.

Chiron is discharging “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country,” furthering the growing theme of nationalism.

Pluto in square to the Eris Point (the critical degree of rebirth and renaissance) discharging “a relay race,” which promotes unity, fellowship, and collaboration.  This will agitate the archons and cause them to make trouble for people, but it is a sign of their fall (or rise, when you consider that they are being returned to their Source – Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia).  We will persevere.

5 – GAINING OPPORTUNITIES comes with the Earth discharging “immigrants entering a new country.”  This energetic takes us into new territory, bringing assistance with changing mindsets and heart sets.

Of course, the immigrant issue will be highlighted, and we are already seeing examples today with the Migrant Ship, Austria’s border patrol exercise, and developments in Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment (let’s pray for him).  We should expect the Illuminati to press their immigration agenda with full force.

6 – FINDING SOLUTIONS USING THE IMAGINATION – We can find a new angle with things, new things we want to create and build, and innovative ways of doing things with Jupiter discharging “children playing around five mounds of sand.”  The key here is to re-engage a sense of fun and play.  Connecting with (or finding) the inner child helps us do this.

7 – GUIDANCE AND LEADERSHIP – In addition to the “leading” energetic of Mercury discharging “an Arctic explorer LEADS a reindeer through icy canyons,” we also have Saturn discharging “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.”  This energetic LEADS us to Truth.  Remember, wise owls, all roads lead to liberty now.

8 – THE RE-TUNING OF THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD INDUCES INSOMNIA AND ANXIETY- Uranus, which rules electricity, is discharging “an electrical storm.”  Astrology is not astronomical; it is electromagnetic.  Uranus disrupts, shocks, and changes.  Uranus feels like lightning in the body, and commonly produces sleep difficulties and increased anxiety.

However, Uranus is our friend, and puts things the way they need to be.  As it discharges “an electrical storm,” it is re-tuning the field of consciousness.  Since it does operate through shocks and surprises, trust is needed.

Uranus is re-tuning the electromagnetic fields of the Earth for the next eight years, but is particularly active when it discharges the Sabian symbol of “an electrical storm.”  The Earth changes when Uranus transits Taurus.

Note: We want to be particularly vigilant about turning off electrical items (like clothes irons and flat irons) and about keeping electricity away from water.

9 – RENEWED FAITH comes with Neptune, which rules Spirit, discharging “an Easter promenade.”

Additionally, the New Moon occurs on 2 Ahau/Sun in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar of the Sun.  Ahau/Sun days are holy days in this calendar.  The energetic of 2 Sun will be strongly in effect for the first 20 days of this solar-lunar month.  2 Sun brings a mixture of pleasure and pain.  Dualities are more pronounced.

10 – CHANGE AND REFINEMENT OF VALUES comes with the Black Moon discharging “an Oriental rug dealer in a store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”  Though we often see what is truly of value to us when we lose something, this energetic enables us to see the value of what we already have without having to lose it.  The Black Moon will leave Capricorn in August (three cheers!).  Until then, it will work hard to enable us to see what has been in shadow.  Appreciation, gratitude, and recognition get us there on the fast-track.

11 – INSPIRATION TRANSLATED INTO MANIFESTATION – The North Node (the future, destiny) is discharging “glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.”  It may be necessary to “take a breath” many times this month.

The energetics are intensive for many reasons, but one of them is that this month is like a month-long Crescent Moon phase (which challenges us to not give up).  This is the second of two month-long Crescent Moon phases.  We redouble our efforts to persevere and bring dreams to life.

Recall that the theme for this astrological year is “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.”  The North Node discharging “glass blowers shape beautiful vases…” brings the lost opportunities closer to us.  It is important to keep this in mind all month long. Do not give up.

12 – RETROGRADES – Neptune will station retrograde on June 19 and will remain retrograde until November 26.  It retrogrades at 17 Pisces, “an Easter promenade,” and the Spiritual Wave that entered on April 1 will reverberate during Neptune’s entire retrograde period.  This will continue the serious degradation of archontic energies.

Mars will retrograde on June 27 and will remain retrograde until August 28.  When a planet is retrograde, it reworks things that are related to that planet.  With Mars, it reworks our energy, and what we do with our energy.  It kick starts things.  Mars will retrograde at 10 Aquarius, “a popularity that proves to be fleeting.”  The status quo of things will undergo revision.  Our lives will undergo revision.  Things that need to be reversed will be reversed.  It’s a phenomenal opportunity to “regain a lost opportunity.”  It will also work hard to bring down empire.

And a final note:  The New Moon occurs in opposition to the Galactic Center.  In astrology, oppositions are synonymous with Full Moons.  Oppositions bring the fullest effect.  The fullest effect of the Galactic Center — the place of limitlessness — wafts through consciousness this month.

How perfect to have while we are “building strength.”  Let’s open to these new waves of energy and what they have to offer.  Let’s turn fledgling to flourishing!

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