History records the sky watchers of the ancient Near East as almost magical in their ability to understand and calculate the rotations of the stars given the technology of the time.  Indeed, the most renowned ancient sky watchers, the Sabians, mystery school initiates of modern-day Iraq, possessed tremendous insight into mathematics and celestial tracking.

The Sabians were the intellectual inheritors of an even earlier culture, the Chaldeans.  The Sabians and the Chaldeans are referenced variously in ancient texts as “magi” – the wise ones.  They were masters of engineering, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, architecture, philosophy, archetypal mythology, psychology, religion, and harmonics.  But they are famed primarily as prodigious observers and scribes of the movements of the stars – astrologers. 

Perhaps, above all, they were patient.  Celestial data takes time to collect.

The Chaldeans and the Sabians are said to have decoded esoteric, yet predictable signatures that seemed to “underwrite” the 360 degrees of the zodiac and, by proxy, the 360 degrees of a circle.  Essentially, they uncovered a “celestial code.”  The ancients noted complexity within the code and began narratives to depict the “traits” of each of the 360 degrees — the “symbols” or thematic images.  They recognized and noted patterns of behavior and events that the code seemed to facilitate or inspire within themselves and the fellowship of humanity, for good or ill, when a planet was located at any given degree of the zodiac.  They understood that certain tendencies would be “activated.”

Ancient Near Eastern mythology tells that their gods undertook intensive battles with each other to obtain the divine me.  Were the divine me the codes of life (the Sabian symbols) and the charts of timing (an ephemeris or listings of planetary locations) that foretold when the codes would be activated?

Knowledge of this code was a precious thing, as it held the power to “predict” the seemingly innate potential for certain types behaviors or outcomes — a powerful tool that could be used for domination and control.
Except for select secret societies that branched from Babylonian mystery schools, the notion of a wisdom encoded within the 360 degrees of the zodiac was largely lost to the sands of time.
Until 1925.
In 1925, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones attempted a revival of the forgotten code with the help of a world-famous psychic known to be especially adept at symbology, Elsie Wheeler.  Over a long day sitting in Balboa Park, San Diego, California, immersed in the diversity of modern life at the time, Elsie Wheeler randomly “channeled” images for the 360 degrees of the zodiac, and Marc Edmund Jones noted them.
Since then, astrologers have conducted considerable research into the efficacy of the “neo” Sabian symbols, and they have proven true, time and again.  In fact, the Sabian symbols are uncannily accurate.  They tell us what types of things are more probable at any given time.  The symbols inspire Wisdom.  Each symbol’s imagery provides the key to opening freewill within energetics that previously seemed solely deterministic.  The symbols empower a form of transcendence.  They are meaningful, and their objective is deeper understanding.
This book was constructed as a place for the wisdom of the symbols to directly speak to and inspire richness of mind for sky watchers around the world.  When we record the experiences, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and inspirations of our lives within the context of the Sabian symbols, it is a different way of reckoning or measuring time.  This way provides a context for our experiences unlike any other.  It has a distinct way of immersing us in the present moment, in true alignment.  The ability to recognize patterns opens opportunities to understand ourselves and for a merger with something greater than ourselves, something sublime.  Study of the Sabian symbols can take us there.
The wisdom of the symbols should not be lost again.